Eight Week Challenge

8 Week Challenge Starts 22nd July

Below will subscribe you to the Challenge Meal plan (Mon to Fri) for 8 weeks – NOTE: you only need to complete this form ONCE for the 8 weeks,with  your last meals being 13th September – if you wish to cancel or change your order we ask for 7 days notice via email.

Please read the terms and conditions before completing this form – for all important info including payment info

For pricing scroll down to ‘meal type’ and select the drop box to veiw all options

If ordering after the challenge starts  – please submit before Friday 6pm to receive your meals on the following Monday

For more information head to – IMPORTANT INFO



Terms and Conditions

  • Rangiora F45 Customers – Please note there is a $5 delivery charge – Please add this to your weekly payment


  • First payment must be made prior to the challenge start date (22nd July) and paid weekly – unless otherwise arranged – with the last payment to be made the last week of the challenge. Please pay into 06-0193-0593884-000 – Using your Invoice Number as Reference (Emailed to you – if this is not emailed to you please contact us)


  • By completing this form you are committing to 8 weeks of Healthkicks meals, if you wish to make any changes or cancel we ask for 7 days’ notice, please note you will be liable for any charges up until this time. Please do not assume that stopping payment cancels your subscription – Direct contact (email info@healthkicks.nz) 7 days in advance must be made to cancel.


  • If you are going to be away and need to place your meals on hold for a short period, please send us a message in advance and we are more than happy to accommodate where possible


  • Meals are delivered to the studio daily before the end of the first class. It is your responsibility to collect these and please check you have picked up the correct bag. If your meals have not been collected within 2 days we will discard them due to health and safety regulations.


  • I understand meals are set ingredients unless I have stated an allergy prior to the time of sign up. Meals are BASED the challange portal however they may differ in the order online and preperation method, ingredients may change due to availability.


  • Snack option includes 5 sweet treats weekly (flavour changes weekly) some of these will contain oats, egg/ egg whites, whey protein, and nuts – if you have an allergy to any of these we do not recommend you opting for the sweet treat option. If you have just selected the sweet treat option please note this is also a 8 week subscription and we require 7 days notice for cancellations.

Ordering cuts off 6pm friday weekly and all meals are automatically processed for delivery the following Monday unless otherwise stated, if you wish to have your order the next week please put down the delivery date in the notes or send a follow up email

Please contact us at info@healthkicks.nz

*Please note we are no longer in Staveley Street*