8 Week Challenge Service



Speaking from experience, you are about to TRAIN HARD, which means ensuring you fuel your body correctly is crucial for the best results!

HEALTHKICKS is Christchurch’s leading provider of challenge meals. With fresh local produce, our portion controlled, calorie balanced meals are prepared daily by our skilled team who just so happen to have over 30 years experience in the Chef/Hospitality industry.

Prep meals don’t have to be bland so you can trust that flavour is never compromised.

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Meal prep takes time and commitment from grocery shopping, to prepping, to then turning the many (often expensive) ingredients into a meal. You can opt for a range of different options to suit your needs & lifestlye including Lunch only, extra protein and much more and don’t worry…all our meals are of course FRESH not frozen.

We will deliver fresh made meals to your F45 studio or home address. View Menu


– Use quality seasonal produce sourced locally

– Deliver the most satisfying meals whilst still providing the nutritional benefits required in each phase

We are here to take the stress & pressure away from you so you can focus on what is important…reaching your body goals. Just check out our testimonials page to see what past customers & challenge winners have to say about our meals.

Fill out our simple form and we take care of the rest.

Please pay into 06-0193-0593884-000 – Using your Invoice Number as Reference

Meals are delivered to your studio/home/work every Monday and are vaccum sealed to stay fresh and delicious.

Whilst our meals are based off the challenge portal we offer a ‘Best of Menu’ using only the favourite meals from past challenges therefore your meals will differ from the portal however these meals are still in line with the challenge phases and will help you get the best possible results. You will get the same if not better results going through HEALTHKICKS… Why? If you don’t enjoy your food, you wont enjoy your experience, this results in a higher chance of you falling off the wagon & not achieving the results you are working so hard to achieve.

Pick either Standard, Fish Free (Fish replaced with Chicken) or Vegetarian meals. Our entire menu is Gluten Free* however you can still choose Dairy Free if required. *If you are celiac please contact us before ordering

Sign Ups are open for the entire 8 weeks. You must place your order by Monday 6PM to recieve your challenge meals for the following Monday

Contact us at info@healthkicks.nz for any questions


Good Luck with the challenge and we look forward to helping you achieve the results you want!




We will be delivering Monday 28th between 6am – 8am, please ensure you will be at the address you have provided


Please make sure you have ordered by Monday 6PM for the following Monday’s delivery – 7 days in advance

Any problems please contact us at info@healthkicks.nz

*Please note we are no longer in Staveley Street*