Bek Parry is a qualified nutritionist and healthy living advocate based right here in Christchurch.

Bek is passionate about the positive impact healthy living can have on the different aspects of our lives. She believes that there is no one-size-fits all approach to diet or healthy living, and focuses on the positive habits regarding our food, exercise and mental wellbeing. Bek offers a huge range of services and if you are interested in your health and wellbeing, we recommend making an appointment with this amazing lady.

We met Bek within the first month of launching Healthkicks and she has been a huge help to us through our journey. She has hopped on board to help us with out with the macronutrient counts of our salads. This means you can see all the nutritional breakdown of our food, knowing our Healthkicks range is made with all real natural ingredients, healthy fats and natural sugars.

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