Our Story


Ricki and Jessie

In 2014 we were lucky enough to be chosen for the first ever series of My Kitchen Rules New


Our MKR experience was an emotional rollercoaster, but it’s a rollercoaster we would ride all over


We started our journey with very little confidence, knowledge and experience, we didn’t think we

would make it past the first round… but we did, we got given the very first 10/10 in the competition,

made it all the way through to Top 5 and to top it off we took home the People’s Choice Award.

We left MKR with confidence in ourselves and our cooking ability and gained new knowledge. The

memories made will be treasured forever as well as our life-long friendships and a stronger


We were away from home and routine for 3 months while filming the series. Our schedules were

hectic, the hours were long, and needless to say we didn’t have the time or energy to look after our

bodies properly which resulted in us both gaining the weight we had worked so hard to get off

before the show.

We decided there needed to be a change, something healthy and affordable for people on the go,

and this is how the idea Healthkicks came about…


Ricki, Jessie & van

Eating healthy is not always an easy or affordable task, sometimes life just gets in the way.

We struggled to maintain our healthy lifestyle while we were away and wanted to help other people

who simply just don’t have the time and don’t want to compromise their health with fast food.

After long hours spent in our kitchen, trying new ideas, failing, succeeding, designing and creating

what we believe to be perfect, we had designed a collection of delicious salad recipes.

Every salad we make is specifically designed and crafted by us for maximum nutrition and taste. Too

often people buy a salad thinking it’s healthy when it’s full of un needed fats, sugars and crap. Our

dressings are all natural ingredients and nothing goes into our product without having a nutritional

purpose. We select ‘The Healthy Alternative’ for example choosing a low fat yoghurt dressing to

replace a creamy mayo option being one of the many healthier choices we believe in and follow

through within the design of our menu.

We put together a business plan and teamed up with 2 business partners, each having 30 years+

cooking and business experience behind them, we knew we had the perfect team to make our

dream a reality.



We will be delivering Monday 28th between 6am – 8am, please ensure you will be at the address you have provided


Please make sure you have ordered by Monday 6PM for the following Monday’s delivery – 7 days in advance

Any problems please contact us at info@healthkicks.nz

*Please note we are no longer in Staveley Street*